You'll learn:

  • The specific foods and supplements to include in your diet for lasting energy

  • Blood sugar balancing hacks that keep your energy levels sustained throughout the day

  • How to maximize your sleep so that it actually restores your energy

  • How to hack your movement routines so that they support energy instead of drain it

  • The self-care practices that will actually restore you and re-energize you

Natasha Uspensky


Hi! I'm Natasha. For the last 12+ years, I have been working with women to balance their hormones, heal their digestion, and transform their bodies and their lives. As a holistic nutritionist, Ayurvedic practitioner and women's wellness expert, I believe that food, herbs, and healthy lifestyle habits have the power not only to heal our bodies but to expand our minds, up level our lives, and build greater happiness and fulfillment in all areas of our existence. I believe in the power of a good night's sleep, a hearty kale salad, and an evening of laughter with friends to nourish your soul and fuel your system from the inside out. But I also believe that, as busy, badass women, those things aren't always possible. So what then? This is my sweet spot. I help my clients create sustainable systems of ease in their lives, so that making the healthiest choices feels intuitive, and the world doesn't crumble if you have an indulgent dinner, or night, or weekend. I look forward to supporting you in feeling your absolute best!


Extra resources to support you in regaining your energy!

  • A supplement energy-boosting supplement regimen

    My top supplements to help you increase energy and decrease stress.

  • An Energizing Movement Playlist

    Open level workouts to support your energy levels every day!

  • An Energizing Breathwork Playlist

    Breathing exercises and modalities to help you boost energy and decrease stress in just 1 minute!