Surgery is not your only option.

Let me show you the wealth of holistic healing modalities that have been shown to reduce the risk and growth of fibroids.

Western medicine often offers women with fibroids one of three options: wait and see; birth control or hormonal suppression; and surgery.

But did you know there is so much more that you can do to decrease your risk of developing fibroids and diminish the size of the fibroids you have?

Through making specific changes to your eating, supplementation, exposure to environmental toxins and lifestyle habits, you can take control of your own health and heal your body from within.

Let me show you how...

What you'll learn in this masterclass:

I will teach you all of the proven tools that holistic and natural medicine has to offer to effectively treat and prevent fibroids.

  • The two biggest causes of uterine fibroids (one of which your doctor probably didn't tell you about)

  • The specific foods and eating habits that are causing your fibroids to grow; and the shifts to make to help dissolve them!

  • The most effective supplements and herbs that have been shows to shrink fibroids and treat the underlying hormonal imbalance that causes them

  • The exact environmental factors that are contributing to your fibroids and easy steps to eliminate them and decrease your risk

  • The three biggest lifestyle factors that are contributing to your fibroids, and how to make some serious, lasting changes!

Hi! I'm Natasha Uspensky

Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Women's Wellness Expert

I have been working with women to bring ease, balance and vibrance to their health, bodies, and lives for over 11 years. This masterclass combines all of my extensive knowledge and experience (both personal and professional) in holistic health and natural healing to bring you powerful, actionable steps you can take NOW to naturally heal and prevent your fibroids, and bring your body back into balance.

Badass Bonuses

I've included holistic tools to help you succeed in your fibroid healing journey!

  • Fibroid Fighting Recipes

    I've included nearly 30 delicious recipes that put into practice all the dietary practices you'll learn about in the Masterclass, specifically designed to shrink your fibroids and balance your hormones and blood sugar levels.

  • Workouts & Meditations

    I've created a custom playlists of healing meditations and a week's worth of workouts to help you burn fat, decrease stress, and balance blood sugar -- all of which support your hormonal balance and fibroid fighting power!

  • Fibroid Supplement Protocol

    You'll gain access to my fibroid-busting supplement protocol with all the herbs and supplements designed to help balance your hormones, decrease inflammation, and shrink those fibroids!

Take control of your health and healing.

Get empowered around your healing journey, gain confidence about your treatment plan, get relief from pain and discomfort, and say F*ck Those Fibroids!

Need some extra support?

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    $1,500.00Greens. Grains. Gorgeous.

    Join my 12 week online program, and receive this and all my masterclasses for free, in addition to weekly step-by-step guidance in implementing the eating and lifestyle changes we talk about, weekly live calls with me, and all the tools and resources you need to succeed!